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    PlayStation Now 3 Meses PS NOW Key UNITED STATES



    A PlayStation Store Card is a digital product that holds a preloaded balance. Use it to conveniently top up your PSN account. Redeem it in just a few steps and you’re good to go. Spend your prepaid credit in the PS Store and buy your favorite games, in-game items and more. It’s the perfect gift for every gamer, especially for young people without their own means of payment. They can easily choose the game they like or the skin they have been begging for. Play Has No Limit!


    Instruction for redeem it:

    1. Go to
    2. Click "Manage Account" and sign in with your Sign-In ID(E-mail Address) and Password.
    3. Click on "Redeem Prepaid Card".
    4. Enter the code printed on the voucher or PlayStation Network Card and click "Continue".
    5. If the code is valid, you will be presented with a description of what the code will deliver to your account.
    6. Press "Redeem..." button to add the item or funds to your account.