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    Karma Koin Gift Card 100 USD Key GLOBAL



    Karma Koin, formerly known as a Nexon Game Card, is a safe and useful way to pay for in-game content for over 20 different game publishers. Use your prepaid virtual credit to customize characters and buy in-game extras and currency for games like MapleStory, World of Tanks (WoT), World of Warships, Path of Exile, ELSword, Wolfteam and many more. You don’t even need an account or a credit card to use it. That makes this card ideal for younger gamers without a bank account and perfect for parents who want to keep on top of spending. Simply use your PIN like you would a credit card and make game purchases smoothly. Need to make a bigger payment? No problem! Combine several card amounts easily to make those larger purchases. The best part is, 1% of all payments are donated to charity. So get your gift card today and make a difference just by taking your favorite games to the next level!

    Instruction for redeem it:

    Choose karma koin payment method and use the code for paid it.


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